SomikSomik holds a Ph. D. in Decision Analysis from Stanford University. His thesis is titled “Achieving Clarity On Value” and focuses on methods to discover, appreciate and communicate sources of value.

The first part of the research involved a discovery of how the police department value their work using qualitative methods (ethnography, from sociology land). The second part of the research focuses on the philosophy of value and uses formal axiology (from philosophy land) to discuss the nature of value itself. The third and final part of the research proposes the use of “value diagrams” to help decision bodies communicate what they value. Decision Analysts can use value diagrams to achieve clarity of thought, as a precursor to clarity of action. His research may be accessed at

Prior to Stanford, Somik was a coach with Berkeley-based Industrial Logic, helping professional teams with Agile Software Development and Design Patterns and a System Architect in Tokyo designing mobile collaboration technology. Somik has a Bachelors in Computer Science from Bangalore Institute of Technology with a focus on Computer Vision.